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Sing Me To Italy

This may sound a little corny, but whenever I go on a long road trip, or when I'm planning a trip to Italy, I break out some music to get me in the proper mood. One of my favorite CD's is Dean Martin's Italian Love Songs. I LOVE this music. If I had to name my top five all-time favorite songs, Viene Su (Say You Love Me, Too), from this CD, would be on that list.


I let Dino sing me all the way to Italy!

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Not corny to me, which reminds me, I must go check out my Andrea Bocelli CDs.


We ARE getting old. I have a Dino song or two. Also, one of Kellie's favorites: Mambo Italiano by Rosemary Clooney. Have you heard Andy Williams "Speak Softly Love?" Theme to Godfather...didn't realize that the Godfather tune had words! Not exactly classic Italian, but I love it!

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