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These Boots Are Made For Walking

With our next trip only 2 months away, it's time to think about what I'll be wearing on my feet. There are several things to consider.
1. We're only taking carryon luggage, so I'll probably only bring one pair of shoes.
2. We'll be in Rome, Venice and Munich, so there will be plenty of up and down walking.
3. It will be November, so I need something waterproof, because of all the rain.
4. November will probably be cold in Munich, so I need something warm.
5. Over the years I've managed to break at least one bone in each of my feet, so I need support.

The last time I visited Rome was in the month of December, when it was chilly and rainy. I wore a pair of hiking boots and was very comfortable. Since it was winter, and they were covered by my pants, I didn't really feel out of place. The pair I have are getting a little worn, and since the airlines will not allow me to bring gel insoles on the plane, I've decided to invest in a new pair.


Yesterday Marc bought me a new pair of Asolo hiking boots. He also purchased a pair of Superfeet insoles. Marc wears the same boots, but not the insoles.

The salesman told us these boots have a steel shank and will be very hard to break in. At the moment, there is absolutely no 'give' in these boots, but that means they are very sturdy....and I have a plan. Marc and I are going to take a 1 hour walk every evening until we leave for Rome. That will help break in my boots, and also get us in better shape for all the walking we'll be doing on our trip.

If we get to Rome and it turns out these boots weren't the right choice, I'll just have to buy a different pair of shoes. Sounds like a win/win situation to me!

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Yes, it does sound like a win-win situation. I have taken hiking boots but I typically have something lighter also for walking. They will be excellent on the cobblestone. I'm looking forward to hearing how they work for you.

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