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I'm Melting...

Well, I've been on my diet plan for a full week and the pounds are starting to melt away. As of today I've lost 6 pounds. Diet and exercise really does work!

I have stopped drinking so much Pepsi. Whenever I want some, I just have a mouthful instead of a whole glass. That has also helped me to cut down on snacks because Pepsi goes so well with snacks. Less Pepsi, less snacks. Amazing how that works.

Not bringing the serving bowls to the table is also helping. It seems to be a little easier to avoid taking that second helping if I don't see it. I'm noticing that sometimes I take a second helping not necessarily because I'm still hungry, but because it keeps my hands busy while I'm having a conversation with my husband. What a dangerous bad habit.

I've also stopped bringing snacks to the computer and TV. Once again...less Pepsi, less snacks.

I'm finding out that a lot of the time I eat because of boredom, not because I'm actually hungry. Also, that I have some bad eating habits that are contributing to my weight gain. I'm working to change these habits.

I've been working on the Wii 30-day challenge. I have to say it's kicking my tail. The virtual coach gives me praise when I keep up with the workout, but yells at me when I don't. Sometimes I can't keep up because I'm fat and out of shape(duh), but I'm keeping with it.

I've also been walking every evening. First, I take my dogs for a walk, which they love. I have 2 English Bulldogs, which are kind of lazy, so their walk only lasts about 15 minutes. Then Marc and I walk for 30-45 minutes. Between my daily walks and the Wii my legs are tired and sore, but I'm starting to get used to it. No pain, no gain.

I'm looking forward to week two. This week I'm going to try to work more fruits and vegetables into my diet. Hopefully, I'll continue to melt.

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FABULOUS! Congratulations on the changes!

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