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Day 3: Strolling Around Rome

November 14th
Today is day 3 of our trip, and we were so tired we slept until 11:30am. First, we had lunch and then took the Metro to the Colosseo stop. When we stepped out onto the street, there it was…the Colosseum. That’s my favorite view of Rome and here I am again…life is good! We stopped in the area and had a prucuitto pizza…yummy. Again, the weather was in the 70’s and sunny. Even after dark the weather was warm.
Next, we walked around the back of the Palatine Hill area to the Circus Maximus. It’s much bigger than I had imagined. We sat for a few minutes and tried to picture the events that may have happened there.


We continued our walk to the Basilica di Santa Maria in Cosmedin. We put our hands in the Mouth of Truth, but did not ask any questions…we’re not stupid. Next we went into the church. It’s a beautiful little church with lots of wood and frescoes. It looks like it’s either in ruin or being restored, but we couldn’t tell which. When we left we heard men singing. We couldn’t tell where it was coming from, but it sounded beautiful. I bought a 2011 hunky priest calendar in the gift shop. Is that wrong?


Our next adventure was over the bridge to Trastevere. As we walked over the bridge we could see remnants of an old bridge. It was fascinating to see the history in this old bridge. We both loved Trastevere. There were families out for the afternoon, walking and visiting. We stopped at the Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere. As we walked in, the lights were dimmed and a choir started to sing. It was very beautiful and moving.
We walked around Trastevere until well after dark. Gelato was calling me…mmm, chocolate. Then we crossed the river and headed to Piazza Navona. This was my first time to see it all lit up at night. People were dining al fresco, all around the piazza. Each table was lit with candles, which made it very romantic. We went into Chiesa Sant` Agnese in Agone. I wasn’t expecting it to be so beautiful on the inside. This is Italy, what was I thinking?
We walked the few blocks to the Trevi Fountain so we could toss our coins to make sure we’d return to Rome. After that important business was taken care of we stopped for dinner. Marc had Lasagna and I had Spinach Cannelloni. Yummmy!
I must mention the bathroom at the restaurant because it was a ‘travel experience’ to share. There were his and hers bathrooms. Each only had a single toilet. The toilet was so small I thought it was a child’s toilet, almost small enough to be a potty chair. It didn’t have a toilet seat and there wasn’t even a place for one. When I walked out of the bathroom there was a fountain that was shared by both bathrooms for hand washing. Hmmm…very curious.
After dinner we headed back to our apartment. It was about 10pm and our legs were worn out.

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Nothing wrong with the hunky priest calendar, ha ha! I'd love to have one too.

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