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Day 5: Capitoline Museum

November 16
This was day 5 of our trip. We woke up late again and went to lunch at a little back street restaurant over by the Colosseum called Na Machia. It’s a neighborhood joint where mostly Italian is spoken…that seems to be where we find the best food…just follow the locals. Marc had ravioli and I had tagliatelle caco e pepe…the best I’ve ever eaten! I’ve eaten at this restaurant before, and I’ll be going again the next time I’m in Rome. One of the many things I love about Rome is the little flower shops that seem to be everywhere. This one was across the street from the restaurant. What a nice view during lunch.


After lunch we went to the Capitoline Museum. It was great. There was so much to see! Even the ceilings were fabulous.



We spend a lot of time walking whenever we travel because it’s the only way to really see the city. This day we walked all around the Forum area. Here is a picture that shows some of the many layers of history.



We stepped into several churches around the Forum. One of the churches held only enough pews for about 60 people, but was just as elaborate as any other I’ve seen in Rome. It’s amazing just how beautiful every church is in Rome.
We also went to the Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, and walked up the stairs just in time to see the guards change.
At about 5:30pm it was time to head toward Santa Susannah Church to pick up the tickets for the Audience with Pope Benedict XVI. When I wrote to ask for tickets I said I would be celebrating my 50th birthday. When we arrived at the church I gave the priest my name so he could find my tickets. He handed me the tickets and wished me a happy birthday. That was so sweet and it made my day.
We then spent some time window shopping on Via Nationale, which included a cannoli. Later in the evening we went back to our neighborhood for dinner. I had ravioli e spinaci and Marc had spaghetti and meatballs. After dinner we went back to our apartment.
I probably should explain a little more about the apartment. The Hotel Crosti apartments are about a 5 minite walk from the hotel. Floors 5, 6 and 7 of the building belong to the hotel and the lower floors belong to another hotel. The apartments are in a quiet residential area, about 3 minutes from the Centro Pretorio metro stop, Line B. The neighborhood is mainly residential, but there are several good restaurants nearby. The apartment price was very reasonable and we felt safe in this area.
By 10pm I was sitting in bed, eating another cannoli…Life is Good!

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