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What Have I Been Doing?

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this blog, and I’m glad to see people are still checking it. I’ve been so BUSY!
On November 12th, Marc and I left for a 3 week trip to Europe to celebrate my 50th birthday. I didn’t blog while we were away because I really wanted to leave my life behind and just focus on the trip. We had a wonderful trip, which I’ll be blogging about in the weeks to come.
When we returned I had one day to get over the jetlag and unpack before returning to work. On that one day, Marc and I also completed the paperwork for background checks, so we could host a foreign exchange student. I spent the next week decorating for Christmas and preparing for our exchange student.
On Thursday of last week Majed came to live with us. He is a 16 year old from Germany. He’s a very well-mannered nice young man and we are so excited to have him stay with us. He will probably be here until the end of July.
The last few days Marc, Majed and I have been getting to know each other. I think this could kind of qualify as slow travel. Even though we’re not physically going anyplace, we’re going to have the next 8 months to learn about Germany from Majed. What a great adventure this is going to be! He can teach us about Germany and we can teach him about America.
Life is so good…

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Lisa, I am so glad to hear that you are hosting an exchange student. It is such a rewarding/interesting experience. We have hosted 5 exchange students over the years. Each spent their Sr. Year in High School here.We learned as much from them as they did from us. We are still in touch with all but one of them. Enjoy!

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