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Day 8: Another beautiful day in Venice

November 19
We woke up late again. The church bells were ringing and the sun was already shining on a beautiful day. The first thing we did was find the closest pasticceria for our morning pastries.


Luckily, it was about a one minute walk from our B&B. Mmm, they were good!
Now we were ready to explore Venice.




First, we headed to St. Mark’s Basilica.


This is Marc’s favorite church…I can see why.


The gold mosaics are fabulous! We also picked up our tickets for the Doge’s Secret Itinerary Tour, which we’ll go to tomorrow. Next, we got our Chorus Passes and visited Chiesa di Santa Maria del Giglio and Chiesa di Santo Stefano. I’m always amazed at how beautiful the churches are in Italy.
Our next stop was the Museo della Musica. This museum has a huge collection of musical instruments from the 17th and 18th centuries.


I think this is a ‘must see’ if you’ve ever played an instrument.
We did some shopping and Marc bought me another birthday present, a music box from Sorrento…more about the music box in a later post. We returned to our room and took a break to rest. Walking up and down the bridges in Venice is hard work!
Later, we went back out and ate a slice of pizza as we strolled around the Dorsoduro area. I bought two more bars of soap from a little old lady in a tiny shop that sold only soap. I couldn’t understand much of what she said, but we could both understand the importance of wonderful smelling Italian soap. I have a thing for Italian soap, so I’m sure I’ll be buying plenty more.
It was a good day.

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Beautiful! What a wonderful day you had. I love the instruments.

Beautiful photos! I love the door with those vines on the wall.

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