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Day 11: Ca`Rezzonico and Train to Munich

November 22

We checked out of our room at around 10am. We were happy that Carlo kept our bags, since we aren’t actually leaving Venice until about 11pm. It was a beautiful, warm sunny day…perfect for exploring Venice.
We went back to La Salute Church so I could see it without the crowds. I think this may be my favorite church in Venice. We realized we hadn’t given our room key to Carlo, so we returned the key and headed to the San Paolo area. We visited a few of the Chorus Pass churches in the San Paolo and Santa Croce areas. The Chorus Pass was a good deal for us because we love to visit the amazing churches.
We also went to the Ca`Rezzonico Museum. This museum is a beautiful palace on the Grand Canal. It was huge and had great views of the city. What a grand place. I could certainly get used to living like that.




We didn’t see many museums in Venice because we spent quite a lot of time just getting lost. It’s a wonderful place and I can’t wait to return.
While we were out I bought a few more bars of soap, a few leather bookmarks and a purse. In the evening we had dinner, then grabbed our bags and headed toward the train station.
A funny thing happened at the train station. We arrived about 2 hours early and settled in on a bench. We met 2 couples from Brazil. They were sitting on a bench directly across from us. A man in his 60’s walked up and sat next to them. He was pushing a 2-wheeled dolly with two duffle bags and 2 tote bags hanging on the handles. I wasn’t sure if he was a bum or if this was just his way to carry his bags.
He sat for a few minutes and read the paper. We all watched as he took off his boots and socks, and rubbed the dirt from between his toes. When he was done cleaning his feet he put on some red slippers. Next, he spread the newspaper across the bench, stretched out across it and went to sleep. He was completely oblivious to the 6 people that were watching him. Every few minutes he would turn over and stretch his legs. His feet kept poking the lady that was sitting nearest to him, so finally the two couples moved down a few seats. They kept motioning to us that the man had smelly feet. Finally they all moved to our bench because his feet were just too stinky. We all had a good laugh and spent the next half hour getting to know each other. The man was still sleeping on the bench when we all boarded our trains.
We took an overnight train to Munich. We had a cabin with two beds and a bathroom with a shower. The cost was 185 euro each. We received 2 small bottles of wine for a nightcap when we went to our rooms. The cabin was nice and warm, but the bed was very hard. There were a few times while going through the mountains I thought I might fall out of bed…I never did. It was a cool adventure, but I think I would prefer to take the day train so I could see the scenery and skip the hard bed.
WooHoooo! On to the next part of our adventure.

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