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Let's Go Shopping!

As you may know, last year I was on a mission to lose some weight. It went really well until we had a foreign exchange student come to live with us. My diet went out the window when I started cooking for a sixteen year old boy. After he returned to Germany I resumed my diet and finally lost the weight.

Now I’m at my goal weight and have nothing to wear. It was such a pity to be going to New York and have nothing to wear. What’s a girl to do? Can you say SHOPPING SPREE?!? I sent Marc to explore the city on his own and I hit the stores as they opened. Half way through the day Marc met me at a store and lugged my bags back to the hotel. When the stores closed that evening he met me again and helped me drag more bags back to the hotel. Now that’s a GREAT husband!

I replaced my whole wardrobe in one big shopping day. What a nice reward for dropping the extra pounds. I’m buying a size 6 now…and it feels so-o-o-o good!

Here is a picture of me at Shoegasm. It’s not my finest picture taking moment…don’t I look a little crazy? That’s how I get when I buy shoes.

I bought four pairs of boots on this trip. The tall dark boots are actually rubber rain boots. I bought them for when I have to deal with the aqua alta (flooding) in Venice, Italy…the next time I’ll do it in style.

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