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Whole Foods Market

We have a new market in Oklahoma City. The Whole Foods Market has just opened and it’s my new favorite place to food shop. Until this store opened it was very difficult to find some of the specialty items I sometimes need to cook.


Those days are over…this store appears to have it all! They have beautiful produce, a nice selection of seafood and a huge meat counter. I counted 17 kinds of sausage!
No longer will I have to find a substitute for a fabulous cheese I need for an Italian dish. The aroma from the bread department is enchanting and the pastry counter mesmerizing.
They had me at cannolis! They were good, too. In the past I’ve had to make a trip to New York or Italy for a good cannoli, but no more. I think I probably should buy some stock in the Whole Foods Market…I’ll be shopping there quite a bit.
WooHoooo! Life is good!

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