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My Daily Luxury - Soap?

Last week I was reading a blog that asked what I considered to be a luxury. It didn’t mean pie in the sky things that were out of my reach, but things that were attainable in my life, that I considered to be a luxury.
It didn’t take me long to come up with a few answers. One of the things I consider to be a personal luxury is soap. Not just any soap, but soap I find on my travels.


The bars of soap in this picture were purchased in several little shops in Italy. They range in price from about 4 to 12 US dollars and were chosen based on smell.
Three of the bars were purchased in a tiny shop in Venice. The shopkeeper was a lady probably in her late 70’s, who didn’t speak a word of English. My Italian is very limited, but as soon as I told her I was looking for a nice smelling bar of soap she smiled and began showing me all her best soaps. We bonded over the fragrant aroma of a creamy bar of soap. She understood the importance of a woman and her soap.
Each morning I jump in the shower, and before long the whole bathroom smells like my wonderful soap. It’s a great way to begin each day. As I get to the end of each bar I look forward to what the next bar will feel and smell like.
To me, it’s one of my luxuries.

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European soap is one of my luxuries also. They can be expensive but they last such a long time.

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