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Our New Vacation Tech Gadget

I’m always looking for the best tech gadget to take on vacation. I need something that gives me access to the internet, allows me to journal my trip each day and has enough storage to hold all the pictures I download daily.
I used to take my Sony VAIO laptop, but it was kind of heavy. Then I got a netbook. It was perfect because it was small and didn’t weigh very much. The last year or so I’ve been having trouble with my close-up vision, so the tiny screen on the netbook was no longer working for me.
My solution was an iPad and I had an opportunity to put it to the test in Italy a few weeks ago. It passed with flying colors!


I purchased a white 16 GB iPad with Wi-Fi, but no cellular. I then added an app that allows me to journal my vacation. The iPad had enough space to hold two weeks worth of vacation pictures and a nice size screen for viewing. I also added an Apple soft case, which protected the iPad nicely. I only use the iPad when I’m in my hotel room, so I didn’t need to have the added expense of the iPad that requires a data plan. This machine is slim and lightweight, so it’s very easy to pack.
When I’m not using it on vacation I’ll use it in the theater room. We found a great app that is a database for our movies. This iPad will get constant use. It’s a win-win situation.
Life is good.

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