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Cooking Class in Bologna

I am a huge fan of cooking classes. How could I possibly go to Bologna, Italy and not take a cooking class? I found the perfect class with Chef Stefano Corvucci at the Culinary Institute of Bologna.
Marc and I scheduled a 3-hour class to learn to make Tagliatelle, Pappardelle, Ravioli, Tortelloni and Ragu Bolognese. The class was held at 4pm in the back room of Chef Stefano’s restaurant. We had the room to ourselves, but were able to watch the pastry chef prepare desert for the evening crowd. Her Tiramisu was HEAVENLY.


Chef Stefano is a really effective teacher because he is so passionate about his food. We learned to make pasta by hand, not a machine.




It was hard work, but so worth it. When we were finished cooking we sat together in the restaurant and ate what we had cooked. It was so good!



I’ll certainly be taking another of his classes on my next trip to Bologna.
Life is Good!

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Yum, it all looks wonderful! Bravi!

Did you bring a matarello home?

Sue facial:

CIBO We took the three day cooking class with two of the other chefs and met Stefano. Taking these cooking classes in Bologna at this school was the highlight of our trip to Italy!!

We love that limit the classes to six. We learned so much, ate the best food, drank the greatest wine and had so much fun. We loved cooking with Giorgia and Sara. We hope to return next year. They have a great website

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