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I'm a life-long California girl minus the blond hair and the surfboard. David and I met in college in Santa Cruz, and have been married since 1975. We have lived in South Pasadena in Southern California for a couple of decades, raised our three children here, and now have a few empty bedrooms and a 12 year old beagle.

I'm a school librarian, love to read, play in the garden and plan our next trip.. Sometimes I cook, mostly I read cookbooks and I truly dislike doing dishes. Since discovering Slow Travel in 2005 I spend an amazing amount of time online.

While we did car and plane trips in the US and Canada with our children when they were young, and while I had had an international experience in Israel and Europe back in college, we as a couple came to international travel only about 15 years ago. We have been to the Netherlands, France, England, Scotland, Australia and Italy. Our first trip to Italy was for our 25th anniversary in 2000, and we have not been anywhere else in Europe since. Since our love affair with Italy began, we have made 4 trips and our 5th will be in June. This spring we are taking a conversational Italian class. When I purchased a set of dishes in Deruta and had then mailed home, I knew I was hopelessly in love, and so it continues. We have seen a lot of cities, churches and museums; now I plan to spend more time in the piazzas with a glass or three of wine.

I am a relucant blogger, the last of my family on the internet superhighway years ago, but I hope that this will give me a place to leave a record of my journeys. I suspect it will give me a place for much more, but we will see. Let the games begin.

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