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Musings on the end of summer

Summer, when I was a kid, and even when I had kids in school, used to end on Labor Day weekend. Oh I know it officially is summer until mid-September, but when school starts, summer ends. Ask any kid or mom out there.

Things are different now, and even though there are still some schools on traditional schedules, the school that I work in starts the new year the last week in August. It all works out in the end, but somehow it still feels like summer. So now I have two ends; the one where I go back to work on Monday, and then next week, after Labor Day. And given that we still have several Dodger games and Hollywood Bowl concerts into September, perhaps this is the year that summer had three endings.

I posted a lot at the beginning of the summer, and even got our Italy trip up and out there. Since then, with the exception of the Bakers and the Scoopers, it has been mostly good intentions, but you know, that's probably ok too. Summer should be for kicking back.

This has been a most excellent summer. In addition to the trip to Italy that David and I made back in June, we were also able to spend several days at the end of July in Northern California, visiting our younger daughter Rachel in Santa Cruz, and having a night each in San Francisco and Walnut Creek, also seeing some Slow Travelers and cousins.

And of course, there was the long awaited, long planned family reunion trip to Cabo San Lucas the first week in August. Originally planned as a big 60 BD celebration for my cousin Donna, it became the reunion of the Yosemite cousins and their familys, and now the additions of spouses and children who have become "Lees" over the past decade. We had an absolute blast and I highly recommend the all-inclusive resort concept for the extended family vacation - no one was in charge of anything except getting there.

And it is not like this has been a static summer for the Battin family. Oldest son Matt proposed to Emily and she said yes - they are planning their wedding for July 2009 in Bodega Bay. And if it was not already enough that our son-in-law Matthew was going to start law school in August, he and our daughter Sarah announced their impending parenthood for early next year. Rachel, the youngest, tells us that she is thinking about going back to school and becoming a winemaker. WIth Matt in Sacramento, and now Sarah and Matt there as well, and if Rachel does decide to attend UC Davis, we should probably look at moving north ourselves.

It has been 10 years since Matt graduated from high school. In this decade we have seen 3 high school graduations, 3 college graduations, 1 wedding and we are currently off the tuition trail. We have also buried our 3 remaining parents, making David and I truly the head of the family. David has had a hip replaced; my left knee has issues. But now we look forward to the next decade - another wedding, a baby, yes, we will be grandparents. What a concept.

To end the summer, or at least summer #1, we are going, with Sarah & Matt, to San Diego to attend the wedding of a truly dear friend of Sarah's: Alexis Cerin, who will marry Sean Sullivan tomorrow. Sarah and Alexis played club soccer in high school; her father, Vladimir coached the Rebels for several seasons. Tomorrow the Rebels will have a reunion of their own, as will some of the Rebel parents. And we are honored to be included in this most wonderful celebration. Not a bad way at all to bring summer to an end.

And all this without pictures.

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Marcia-I've been following your snippets of posts on ST about all that has gone on in your life this summer. It is very nice to read a 'recap' post on your blog. Kind of pulls it all together. Great entry.

Barb Cabot:

Marcia, so nice to be able to look back on a decade and see a wonderful unfolding of life events. It is the circle of life but in such an amazing review. Cheers to you and yours and to a future decade of continued happiness.

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