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Re: Blogging Every Day

So here I sit in the Sacramento airport, ruminating on blogging every day. I probably knew when I decided to join in the fun that somewhere in February we were expecting this beautiful grandchild, but I didn't think it would be a mere few days after starting in late in the game. While I can post at will, I am now days behind reading blog posts, but with any luck it will be a quiet day tomorrow at work and I can catch up. Any with any luck I might be able to even make some soup and be a Souper again.

It was hard leaving Sebastian and his parents, more emotional than I thought it would be. We do have return airplane reservations for next weekend, and a place booked at the hotel. I cannot wait to spend Valentine's Day with our special valentine. Rachel will be coming from Santa Cruz, this time with her boyfriend and it's probable that both my and David's sister will be popping in as well.

A comment on technology. Around noon, David did some cleaning up of the photos we took a day ago, sent them to our one-hour Costco, the one near our house. My sister was out doing errands, picked up the pictures and took them to our house. And there they are, all while we were still sitting in Sacramento. Between that and the Skype thing, I am just amazed.

I will probably have plenty to say about this change in our lives later on, but you know, right now it's just the end of a very long weekend and they're calling our flight. Oh, in case anyone is wondering why we are flying home, we drove my old car here to leave for our son to use until his new car of choice comes on the market in a few months. Just in case anyone was wondering :).

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Marcia, don't worry. I think many of us are having a difficult time keeping up. There are so many bloggers participating this year (which is wonderful), but which also makes it more difficult to keep up. I look forward to reading more about your new grandchild. How exciting!!

Barb Cabot:

Safe travels home Marcia and yes I was wondering about the car/flight situation. Thanks for the clarification. Bet you're gonna rack up some miles now with all the lovely visits north. Have a great week and so nice to look forward to a Valentines day with your new little sweetheart.

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