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Happy Birthday Sarah Margaret

Today just has to be a two post day, because it is my older daughter's 27th birthday. Sarah is my second child, my first daughter. Unlike her brother who came into this world 6 weeks early, which meant I spent the last weeks of this second pregnancy on pins and needles, Sarah decided to stay in right up to 40 weeks and counting. My doctor decided at that point to induce labor and on a bright, sunny Sunday morning, the first day of spring by my counting, we drove to the hospital for the procedure that would bring us our beautiful daughter. Labor was relatively fast, but I have always apologized to Sarah for the forceps delivery. Her Hebrew middle name is Aviva for "spring".

Sarah was not a fussy baby but she needed to be held a lot, and mostly held by me - I do not remember sleeping much for the next few years, but of course we also had a toddler in the house. Sarah grew up to be an excellent student, with a wicked sense of humor, a stellar soccer player and after tormenting her younger sister for years, a wonderful big sister to Rachel. She and her older brother are also close; I am grateful beyond words that my children, all 3 of them, like and enjoy each other.

On this birthday Sarah is a mother herself; Sebastian Rex is six weeks old. She is spending the weekend with visiting friends from her high school club soccer days, her sister who baked a cake I hear and brought it from Santa Cruz, and of course, her brother and future sister in law who live 3 blocks away. She tells me that her law school husband is happy for the company since he has to write a paper this weekend and can escape to the law library. All seems good.

I am not enough of a techny to be able to scan and print a picture of my younger Sarah (and I would have to find the pictures first), but here she is last summer in Cabo San Lucas on our family reunion vacation; Sarah is in the middle, her sister Rachel on the left and Matt's fiancee Emily on the right. My girls are all about the goofy picture; maybe this is why I love them so much.


Happy, happy birthday Sarah bearah.

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This is a sweet post, Marcia.
Happy birthday Sarah.

Barb Cabot:

Happy Birthday Sarah and happy "Birth" day Marcia. Time sure goes by fast.


"I am grateful beyond words that my children, all 3 of them, like and enjoy each other'.What more can a mother ask for! Happy birthday to Sarah.

I enjoyed reading about your daughter Sarah. I have always loved that name. My grandmother's name was Sarah.

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