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Follina and Asolo

First, a word about blogging. I would like to think that I will follow this through to the end of our trip, that would be a first. Luckily I have had good internet access on this trip and we are not running ourselves as hard as we have in the past, so I have been able to indulge myself a bit this time (last summer, wifi on the river cruise was erratic and I never finished blogging). I hope to finish Bassano before we leave in the morning; I do not think we will have good internet the next few days, tho I can cut and paste, have before. Good intentions are what I fall back on.

Prosecco Road

So, Sunday in the region.We are going to take the car out for another spin today, the plan was to get up earlier, but here we are eating breakfast again at 9;30. Note to self - vacation, vacation.

Today's plan is to visit Follina and see the medieval abbey, and then to drive to Asolo for lunch and a walkabout. It is still on the warm side, but there is a haze, no blue skies today.

We have driven through Follina twice already, back and forth yesterday on the Prosecco Road. For some reason I thought the Abbey was going to be up in the hills, and David thought perhaps since he was wearing shorts, we shouldn't stop. Today driving to find the Abbey, I realized it was right there off the road we had already driven. Now the shorts thing, well, it was not an issue today, and we did enjoy the Prosecco Road again. When we arrived at the Abbey, the church bells were chiming and it appeared that Sunday mass was ending. We park and walk in with a group of people, and that is the good thing. Apparently the Abbey is closed between 12 and 2:30, but they kept it open for the group and we are able to see the interior gardens, but not the church itself. Really impressive.

Abbey at Follina

The second half of the day's plan is to drive to the hilltop village of Asolo, have lunch there and see what there is to see. The drive is about 30 minutes, and it is a holiday weekend Sunday, lots of car heading up to Asolo but the parking garage is not full. We park and walk up the hill to the town. I see that we are on the right street as the restaurant I had notes for, Al Bacaro and we are lucky to get the last table for 2, larger parties are waiting. We share appetizer plates of the local cheese, and I also order marinated greens: white asparagus, artichokes, radicchio and a green I don't recognize. David has a gnocchi with sage and butter, I have biglio with a duck sauce, both are good. The gnocchi here have been really the lightest I have ever tasted. After lunch we walk through the town, which is not large, go inside the church and stroll the streets. Most shops are closed until 3:30 but that's fine with us, and we get the car for the drive back to Bassano.


Back in Bassano we take a hotel break before heading out for our last evening. David wants to return to the covered bridge for the passegiata and a drink, so we walk over there. On this fine Sunday evening there are an amazing number of people out for a strol, a drink, a gelato. The bridge is quite full but we manage to get into Nardini and order two local spritz, and carry them out to the bridge. I am going to say here that it is not my favorite taste, quite bitter, David gets to drink two. We are going to have pizza tonight, and the plan is to return to the Bella Capri, our restaurant of last night. David has read about another place on Via Roma so we go check it out. We do not find the place with the name he remembers but there is a pizzeria at the end of the street, with outdoor seating and we decide to go in. It was fine - my pizza had white asparagus, so I think I am finally done with the Bassano regional specialty.

Spritz on the bridge

After dinner we head back to the hotel, via the crepe stand, yes another Grand Marnier crepe for David, and apparently the night is still young, so there is one last glass of wine at the Cafe Italia. We are heading back to Venice in the morning and there is some packing to get done.
Buona notte.

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I never really like the bitter flavor of a spritz either. The color is great but the taste--not so much.



I love reading about your travels and meals with David in Italy (and other exciting destinations)!

Looking forward to more photos and hearing about meeting up with "the girls", Shannon and Colleen.

Enjoy enjoy!!! Prosecco!!!

I am glad that the weather has improved for you. Thank you for blogging, it is fun to travel vicariously!


Just catching up with your blogging, Marcia. What a beautiful and fun and delicious trip you are having. For me, it's the next best thing to being there. Thanks for sharing it all, and I love your photos.

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