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The Finish Line, or The Trip Home

We have an early morning flight home today, 8 am, to London, with a 3 hour layover before our BA flight to Los Angeles. Not only do I never sleep on planes, but I never really sleep before an early airport trip, probably afraid I will sleep through and miss the flight. Tonight is no exception, so when the alarm rings at 5 am, I am already stepping into the shower. We are at the desk to check-up by 5:45 and a taxi comes 5 minutes later. Used as we are to morning traffic in Milan, and even though I do know that Linate is way closer to the city than Malpensa, it is only 10 minutes to the airport. Check in is short and easy, we get our boarding passes for both flights, go quickly through security and head for the BA lounge.

Which turns out to be fairly large and comfortable, so we are able to relax, have cappucini and croissants, while waiting for our flight. This smaller airport is becoming a plus over the larger Malpensa. The flight to London is short and relaxing, we are even served a decent English breakfast, tho I think I am more amused with the grilled tomato and mushrooms than is David. I have learned from experience that tea is far better on BA than is coffee.

When we land, I head off to do a little shopping at T5, having decided to buy the grandboys Olympic souvenirs rather than something from Italy. Double decker buses are much more fun for the little ones than anything I actually saw on our trip. We did have some fun with the credit card machine since it wanted our pin number, but luckily there was a clerk to override it for us. I understand we may be able to get a Euro card on our BA Visa before our next trip.

A few hours in the BA lounge at T5 is always a treat for me, I like to read the British daily papers, and check out the buffet offerings. We are there for the breakfast hours, and they have items like rolls stuffed with tomatoes and mushrooms; David thinks it is time to sample the wines. It is after 10 am.

Our seats are in the upper cabin of the 747, which is actually something David has been looking forward to, something new. We do have to climb a short flight of stairs, but it really is a calmer experience, sharing the loo with the pilots as well. There are fewer seats, and fewer people passing through. The ceilings is lower, overhead bins smaller, but it is not as claustrophobic as I had feared. Thus commences our 12 hours of daytime flying, usually fine for me since I don't sleep on planes. We are wined and dined, BA Business Class is really nice, a few times, both lunch and then offered an English tea before landing. Snacks are placed at the rear. I read, napped, watched a few movies, just a long, long span of time.

Upon landing, we are pleasantly surprised to not have our last Bradley Terminal experience of the long, long lines, and actually exit in 45 minutes. Even with rush hour traffic, we are home in an hour, and thus ends the journey. It was a most excellent vacation.

Then there is the week of laundry and jet-lag, and I considerate myself fortunate to not have to drag myself to work as well. This time it does seem better, or maybe I am just used to it. I expect to wake at 4 am and drag mid-day for awhile. And for a change I am actually finishing this blog, good for me. Iimagine it will go dormant until our next adventure.

Always good to have something to plan - we will be visiting the Sacramento area twice in June, meeting up with our children/grandboys for a family wedding in Whistler, BC in July, so there are details to arrange for that. And then something we hardly ever do, a return trip to Italy in September - this is a big birthday year for me, and since it is in December, we are taking another trip in the fall. We are joining the GrapeHops/Edible Santa Barbara tour to Torino & Piemonte, happy to see our Piemonte in another season, and we have not yet seen Torino. Adding a few days at Baur B&B post tour is my birthday present to me. So, 2012 is my year of spring/fall travel, something my former school job kept me from doing. Grateful, and happy, to be able to do this.

For anyone still reading, thank you. And now I can turn my attention to following my friends' trips, blog away everyone!

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I finally got to read your Venice blog posts - loved them. It was almost like being back thee with Shannon again.
Congrats on getting all of your blog posts completed. I know how hard that can be - I still have a couple to do for Paris.
Thanks for letting us tag along with you.

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