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PhotoHunt: thirteen (13)

I became acquainted with the Saturday theme blog post after reading about it in Leslie and Girasoli's blogs. I enjoyed looking at the pictures and how the bloggers represented the theme with very creative and unusual shots.

This week's PhotoHunt theme is: thirteen (13)


This is a photo of page 13 of an old book that belonged to my Mom. It's a 1940 edition of The Story of a Hundred Operas by Felix Mendelsohn. Page 13 is the first page of the opera titled Andre Chenier. My interest in this book is not the subject matter but the fact that my childhood dog, Lily, chewed the corners of this book and there's evidence of that in the upper right hand corner of page 13. I can also see her teeth marks on the front cover. I adored this dog and have kept this book as a reminder of her.

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Woo hoo! I am SO pleased to see this blog. This has made my day.
And that's a great PhotoHunt entry by the way. :)
Excuse me - while I run off to add this to my very selective blogroll.

We think Lily must have been a very special dog and it's nice you have her teeth marks preserved in the book.

Welcome to the world of blogging!! Great choice for the theme this week :-)

What a cool reason for keeping the book!

Happy Photo Hunting.

Great entry for this weeks theme! well done ;-)

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