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PhotoHunt: unique/funny signs

Street sign in Venice: Street of Assassins. Didn't see any assassins other than my brother attempting to look like one.

This street got its name because of its proximity to a bridge by the name of Ponte degli Assassini. The bridge was named so because of the robberies and murders that took place often nearby. Commonly the victims of these crimes were men taking a shortcut path to the cortesan establishments on the Calle della Mandola.
Thanks, Nan. :-)


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ooh your very brave going down that street! :lol:
thanx for visiting mine

I know that calle! It's in San Marco, near Campo Manin. Love it! Top PhotoHunt entry! :)

Cool sign! I think I have walked by that sign a few times also :-)


That's a cool street sign! I wonder what the history is for that calle?
Nan, that's a very cool story.
Maybe, on second thought, we don't want to know any more...

Great sign! I've walked that way many times too.

Too funny that you noticed a difference in the translations on my church sign. Maybe they think that the English speakers need a more stern warning?!?


Maria, I heart your blog. Bellissimo!

Ci vediamo in Sicilia?

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