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Sicily: Erice

The magnificent medieval town of Erice is perched on top of Monte San Giuliano, an isolated mountain on western Sicily. We drove up the winding road but there's also a cable car from Trapani to Erice. The views are spectacular!


On our way up to the top we could see the city of Trapani and the Egadi Islands in the horizon.


A view from the Castello Pepoli e Venere.


A narrow street leading to our hotel.


We saw this couple on a Sunday morning in their well-preserved antique car.

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Welcome to Slow Blog! Love your header photo and these from Sicily are wonderful too. Look forward to seeing more!

I love that photo of the couple in the antique car!! I visited Sicily once but did not make it to Erice and Trapani. Someday I will get back there.

Thank you for stopping by. During this week I'm posting pictures from my travels in Sicily, the majority of which are from coastal towns. My paternal grandfather was from Palermo so my link to the island is strong. When I'm there it feels like home to me.

I loved Erice! Just beautiful!

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