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Sicily: Palermo

The majority of these pictures were taken with my old 35mm camera. Scanned pictures don't look as sharp and clear as digital ones but I hope they are a good, albeit small, representation of the city of Palermo.


The Cathedral, built in the 12th century on the site of an old mosque. This picture of the portico was taken on a beautiful spring day in March.


Teatro Politeama with its triumphal arch entrance. The sculptures above the relief on the top cannot be seen entirely but it shows in the center a chariot flanked by spirits on horseback. The intersection where this theatre is located is quite crowded with cars and pedestrians although in this picture there's not a single soul around.


Teatro Massimo is the largest opera house in Italy and the third in Europe. I spent Christmas of 2001 in Palermo and took this picture showing the theater with a red carpet of poinsettias.


Colorful marzipan for sale in the market of La Vucciria. Once, I visited a bakery shop with my cousin and as she was admiring the way the marzipan was displayed in all the different shapes and colors, she commented to me: "sembra una coreografia" (looks like a choreography). I agree!


Street sign in the old Jewish quarter where Jews and Arabs had their homes and businesses.


Rush hour traffic in Quattro Canti (four corners), at the intersection of Via Maqueda and Corso Vittorio Emanuele. In the background is the façade of one of the buildings of this famous corner of the city where there are four buildings, each adorned with fountains and statues. The façades are quite unusual with their concave shape.


Mondello is the lido (beach) of Palermo. On the far right there's the Charleston Restaurant, a landmark in Mondello, standing on the shallow waters of the bay.

more photos of Palermo tomorrow ...

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Wonderful photos María. I am enjoying all of your posts.

While staying in Cefalù, I signed up for a tour to Palermo. I am not usually a big fan of tours, but thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned so much. I just loved Mondello and the Cathedral.

I'm surprised how organized the traffic in your photo looks. I remember quite a bit of chaos while there. The street markets were fun also.

Susan, a tour of a city like Palermo is a good idea and an excellent introduction to the city. I have seen the city only in bits and pieces and have missed seeing so much of the historical center that I might consider doing a tour next time I’m in Palermo.
The “organized” look of the traffic is perhaps due to the fact that I usually go to the city in the late afternoon. The traffic chaos in Palermo is nothing compared to Naples!

Frank Poma:

Very nice pictures. It reminded me of when I lived in Sicily back in the mid 60's.

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