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Sicily: Villa del Casale

This Roman villa, built between the 3rd-4th century AD, is set on a beautiful green area around the town of Piazza Armerina. Excavations carried out in 1929 unearthed this villa which had been buried and preserved by a thick layer of mud as a result of a flood. It consist of more than 40 rooms, the majority of which have floors covered with mosaics. I have always been fascinated by the images represented in the mosaics and here are four of my favorite mosaics.


A chariot race from The Vestibule of the Small Circus. The mosaics in this room show children in chariot races in a circus. Four teams dressed in their color with a bird matching the team’s color. Here's the blue team with matching blue plovers.


This mosaic is part of a large hunting scene that depicts an African safari in the Corridor of the Great Hunt. Here we see a wild boar being carried to the ship bound for Rome.


This mosaic is part of the series Ten Girls in Bikini doing calisthenics. The one with the hoop has finished her routine and is waiting to be crowned by someone wearing a toga (we can barely see the crown and branch on the left). On the right there’s a gymnast wearing her crown and branch.


Another scene from the bikini girls, these ones playing ball. I find this series quite fascinating.

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Awesome! Love the bikini girls! And I really like those birds pulling the chariot. Amazing to think how old these mosaics are. Great post!

Now that was fascinating!

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