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Bella Napoli

Naples: intimidating. frenetic, chaotic, noisy, grubby, vibrant, alive, fascinating, extraordinary, exciting, charming, ancient … The saying is “See Naples and Die”. Well, I’m dying to see Naples again.

Located at the end one of the liveliest streets in Naples – Via Toledo - the Galleria Umberto I was built in the late 19th century. It has a glass roof and beautiful mosaic floor. My favorite spot here is Sfogliatelle Mary, located in a tiny corner facing Via Toledo. Sfogliatelle, a triangular shaped pastry filled with ricotta is best eaten warm with a nice strong Neapolitan coffee.


Piazza del Plebiscito is the largest square in Naples. It is named after a plebiscite in 1860 which brought the south of Italy into the Kingdom of the House of Savoy. This is the square where the Neapolitans gather to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. It is also the venue for concerts and political manifestations.


A view of the bay of Naples


The funicular to the hill of Vomero. The station is across from the Galleria. Vomero is a beautiful district with elegant boutiques and splendid views of the bay.


A view of the bay and Mount Vesuvius.


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Wow, gorgeous photos Marìa!!

Funny that you mention Via Toledo...I just came from TrekCapri(Kathy)'s blog and her latest entry was about Toledo, Spain. I know, the connection's a bit of a stretch, but a neat coincidence anyway, I thought! :)

Anne: Yes, interesting coincidence. There has to be a connection on the names since Naples had been under Spanish rule for (I think) three centuries. I have to go check Kathy's latest entry. Thanks for the lead. :-)

Wow - I've only ever been through on the train twice, once going to Pompeii and once to SOrrento. Looks fantastic.

Nice photos! I have only been to Napoli once on a daytrip from Sorrento. I tripped and fell in the middle of a 5 lane street which reminded me of the video game Frogger. A car screeched to a stop inches from me as I lay on the street. My toenail was ripped of so I limped around Napoli after getting fixed up at the Farmacia. A memorable visit!! Oh and I LOVE sfogliatelle. I just need to learn to eat them more gracefully :)

Oh my Susan, what a terrible thing to happen. I hope that you recuperated from the fall quickly and that the sfogliatelle helped ease the pain.

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