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Italian cats

In Foligno, near the train station.


In one of the villages in Cinque Terre.


On the island of Elba.



In Naples.



In Murano.




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Awesome! These just take my breath away. I am such a cat lover!

I recently read that the first cats that the Venetians imported from the Middle East were tabbies and orange cats, so your Murano cat is probably a descendent of those first cats.

Gorgeous!! :)

I am also a huge cat lover. My favorite is the one in Elba sitting so majestically on the chair :)

Somehow I knew that you all were cat lovers like me!

Annie, I didn't know about the lineage of the tabbies and orange cats in Murano. Interesting! The orange kitty was just adorable and very friendly.

Girasoli, I like the kitty on the chair also and felt so sorry for the other Elba cat. He was scared and hiding under some bushes on a cold October night.

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