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Venice: Murano

This is my favorite palazzo on the island of Murano. Beautiful gothic windows on a palazzo painted in Venetian orange.



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Fabulous photos. I am not sure if I have seen this palazzo before.

When I first saw these photos, I had to do a double take. I took a very similar photo (but different window once I checked out the details) and have it hanging on my wall. I love the window architecture in Venice.

I also like all the different windows in Venice. There are some very elaborate gothic windows in Venice but I like these ones for their simple unadorned lines. And they look so beautiful on the orange background.

I'd love to see your photo, maybe you can post it on your blog?


I love those gothic windows -- I'm getting homesick for Venice!

So beautiful! More of that nice Venetian orange!

I don't think I've seen this before either. I want to spend more time exploring Murano some day. I've visited two of the churches and the glass museum, but never really wandered around.

I'm intrigued by that metal "S" next to the window! Wonder what the story is?

The colors... I love the colors of the buildings in Italy.

I will try to post some next week after I finish my Cortona part of my trip.

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