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Palermo: Shrine of San Giuseppe

Humble shrine in an alley not far from where my relatives live in Palermo. On the feast of Saint Joseph, March 19, the shrine is decorated with flowers and candles. Sfinci di San Giuseppe - Sicilian doughnuts - are made and eaten on that day and bonfires are lit in honor of the saint and to celebrate the end of winter.



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Oh, it's so beautiful! I love shrines so much, and that's a very nice one. I really like the little flowers on each side. And I would love to try a Sicilian doughnut!

Have you read "That Summer in Sicily" by Marlena de Blasi? (she's the one who wrote "A Thousand Days in Venice" and other books about Italy). I have just started it and am really enjoying it so far. She's telling the story of a woman who grew up in Sicily around the time of WWII. I can't wait to get home from work so I can keep reading it!

Annie, after reading the thread about the de Blasi's book I went to Borders and bought it. I'll probably start reading it on my return trip from Atlanta. Currently, I'm reading a very fascinating book on Michelangelo titled Sistine Secrets.

I love this shrine because of its simplicity. The image of San Giuseppe with baby Jesus is a very classic and popular one and it is the image that I've seen hanging on the wall of many of my relative's home.

I'm glad you got the book! I'll be interested in hearing what you think after you read it, since you know Sicily so well. I'm fascinated by it but I've never been there, so I don't know how accurate a portrait it is.

Oh, and I just put "Sistine Secrets" in my amazon shopping cart - it sounds really good so thanks for mentioning it.

Annie, It's a very interesting book. I'm hoping to return to Rome soon and the Sistine chapel and look for these "secrets". The interpretation proposed by the authors may be up for debate by other experts on the field but it sure makes for a very fascinating read.

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