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PhotoHunt: Candy

Kinder Surprise is a sweet made in Italy in the form of a hollow chocolate egg with a small toy inside. I used to bring these sweets as a souvenir from Italy to my children but now that they are available in the USA I just buy them on special occasions, like Christmas and Easter.

This is the original packaging of the egg.


The inside of the hollow egg, made of white chocolate, with the plastic shell that contains the toy.


The unassembled toy


The "surprise"


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Great one! I need to track these down - my nephews would love them. Have a good weekend!

LOL, At first I thought the egg was small, we have egg-shaped candies here but they're really small that's why.


My daughters and niece LOVE Kinder Surprises! We also can get big huge ones around Easter and Christmas.

I've heard of these before, but never seen them. Thanks for showing.

I probably have seen these on the shelves in Italy but did not realize there are prizes inside. Cool candy!! Great choice for this week's photohunt.

That's what it'd be like for us, if we ate too many of those. tom is telling it straight! hehe cool photos. :)

Super choice for this week's PhotoHunt. :)

The next one is shoes, followed by one about yourself.

We have had Kinder Surprises here for years, I have a collection of the prizes at school that my friend gave me to give away to my class. :)

The first time I ever saw them was the first Italy trip - the Aunts gave us two which I brought home to Australia and kept for years...

These are neat. I've never seen these before either. Maybe I can pick one of these up next time I'm up in Canada.

Great selection for photo hunt.

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