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PhotoHunt: San Blas Islands, Panama

It's a free week at PhotoHunt. The theme is share any photo that we like. These two photos were taken by my husband on his recent trip to Panama.


Kuna women wearing their traditional garments. Molas, world renowned hand-stitched quilts crafted by these indians, are displayed in the background.


Children of Kuna indians gather at lunchtime. Rice with coconut comprises their daily staple.

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Love your pictures, Maria.
But, I've never heard of Photohunt until I saw it on your blog and Kim's.
Is it a club you join, or do you just go to a specific blog to get the theme each week?


PhotoHunt is the place to get the information on themes. Then you go here to see the photo posted by the blogger who started PhotoHunt. By commenting on her photo, you create a link to your blog so people will see your entry.

I hope you join us - it's a lot of fun!

Great PhotoHunt entry this week. :)

Oh María, I LOVE those photos!! The colors are amazing and the children are sooo adorable!

Great photos - those kids really tug on my heart strings, they are so beautiful!

Yes, the kids are darling. My husband tells me that he saw the school age kids coming out of the one room school at noon and going home to get their lunch, which they all ate outside. The children in the photo are not school age yet and they also ate their lunch outside, walking around their village in small groups.

He has some wonderful pictures of the San Blas archipelago and more photos of the children. I'll be posting a few of them later in the week.

Nice to see other areas of the wonderful world in which we live. My husband has been to Panama but I haven't... his visit was via the military.

Thanks, María I., for passing along the word of how to PhotoHunt! =)

I love these photos! I spent two years in Panama and it is just a wonderful country. And San Blas is very special!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, these are Beautiful photos. The children are so cute and the colors of the handmade quilts and the traditional garments are wonderful.

Thank you for sharing.


Excellent photo - vibrant, but I find most of your pitures to be that way, a certain clarity I guess.

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