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PhotoHunt: Time

The Greenwich Meridian marked by the brass strip on the ground. This is the basis for the World's Time Zones via Greenwich Mean Time. Photo was taken in 1988.


The clock tower in Parma, Italy. Below the clock, to the right, there are two sundials. The top one reflects the morning hours and the bottom one, the afternoon hours.


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Ahhh, good photos! I've seen the tower in Parma - but I only had one day there.

Nice photos! I like the time reference for the first one.

Have a great weekend!!!

what time is it where you are

I'm in Arizona so we're in Mountain Time Zone. We do not have Daylight Saving Time except for the Navajo Nation.

great pics for this weeks theme, thanks for visiting mine :-)

nice shot for the theme... mine's up too hope you can drop by...

Thanks for your comments on my post. The Venice Clock Tower is my all time favorite tower also! I would definitely recommend the tour if you ever get back.

How interesting about the the Greenwich Meridian is marked by a brass strip on the ground. Fun photo!!

And I LOVE your Parma photo. I have been there twice and love the piazza where the clock tower is located. I have a few photos but nothing is good as yours. I will be in Bologna this summer and may take a quick trip to Parma to sit in this piazza and have a K2 gelato while I am there :)

Great choices for this week's theme!!

Love these "time" photos! I've read about the Greenwich time line but never actually seen what it looks like and didn't know it was brass...very cool!


The Greenwitch Meridian - this was an unique photo for the time theme! Unfortunately I have not been in Italy yet...

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