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Anne is going to Florence!





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What beautiful photos! I'm so excited for Anne. Where is that dome? When I was in Florence (only for a couple of days), I mainly did museums and shopping and only went into a couple of churches; I'd like to go back and visit more of those.

Annie, I think the dome is in Santa Croce because the picture is among the ones of all the tombs and monuments found in this church. During my month in Florence I went inside many churches but my favorite is the church of Dante. I'll do an entry on this church when I get home. It is small and unadorned with beautiful music playing and a couple of paintings on Dante and Beatrice.


Thanks Marìa!! This solo trip will be such a new experience for me. My heart fills with joy every time I think about it!

The church of Dante sounds lovely. I will be anxious to read your entry when you post it. I love finding small churches, away from the tourist hordes. Feelings of peace and spirituality really seep into my soul when I have a chance to sit peacefully in the hush of a near empty church. (Of course I know I am a tourist myself, but I'm sure you'll know what I mean!)

Anne, I can feel your excitement and I'm looking forward to reading about your plans. My month in Florence was in October 2001 and it was glorious. I think you are going to love Dante's church. It is near his house. I'll dig up my photos and try to locate the music which played in the church.

Yay Anne!! I am so happy for her. Wonderful photos María. Brings back nice memories of Florence.

Oh these photos are SO gorgeous!


Those photos really are gorgeous, Maria! I love that dome and the back side view of David is very unique.

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