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Venice: Shopping at the Rialto Market









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Great photos! I love the swordfish. I have a little boy that is obsessed with fish right now. I am going to show him this photo tomorrow :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marie, I found your blog and I really like it. Your header photo is fantastic.

I also loved visiting the Rialto Market. Lot's of visuals and energy. It was great fun to just hang out and watch all the activities.

Thanks for sharing these great photos.

Swordfish are very interesting fish with those long flat bills. You may want to show your student the third photo of the scallops. I never saw the shell of a scallop before my visit to the Rialto and I was born and raised on an island.

Thank you for stopping by. I enjoyed walking around the Rialto market and would have loved to have a kitchen to cook. I was inspired by everything I saw.

Wonderful photos! I love wandering through that market. And it makes my mouth water to look at those little purple artichokes. I have yet to have an artichoke here in the US that was anywhere close to as delicious as the ones I've had in Italy.


Oh man, I want grilled fish for dinner now.

Beautiful photos!

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