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Venice: Shrine of the Madonna and Child

After seeing some beautiful shrines in Annie's blog, I remembered that I took a picture of a shrine on a corner of a street on my way to Piazza San Marco. I wonder if there's a story behind this shrine - maybe Annie knows.



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Yes, I do know that shrine - very cool! In fact, I took a couple of photos of it when I was there in December but it was twilight and they didn't come out very well. Yours are gorgeous! It's such an elegant shrine.

Here's what one of my books says about it:

"About thirty meters further down the Merceria, turn right. Just afterwards, again on the right, in a recess of the calle, is a very handsome 17th century capitello with a Virgin and Child by Matteo Ingoli. The whole of the continuation of the street (Marzaria del Capitelo) is named after this small shrine."

Thanks Maria!

Yes, it's an elegant shrine and it looks like the type of shrine found inside a church and not outdoors. It has a very classic look.

Thanks for the information!

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