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Sicily: Palermo cont'd


The Sicilian cart (carretto siciliano) was born out of a utilitarian purpose, to carry heavy loads between towns. With the development of a good road network, the carts became more of a traditional craft mostly seen in local feasts. In my many trips to the island, I've only seen two of these carts. One is pictured here on a Sunday morning in the Piazza del Duomo in Monreale. The second cart was near the US Consulate in Palermo and was not a decorative cart, but one that was still performing its intended purpose of carrying a load. I regret not having my camera with me on that day because it was a sight from the past that I've only seen in old pictures. The carts are painted in bright colors and decorated with traditional and mythological Sicilian characters, historical passages and symbols of Sicily. There's a museum near the cathedral dedicated to the Sicilian cart and many stores in the historic center carry small replicas of the carretti.


Another view of the same cart.


Sanctuary of the patron saint of Palermo, Santa Rosalia.


Via Giuseppe Pitrè in Altarello, about 11 miles west of Palermo. This photo was taken in May of 2004 when the Palermitan soccer team made it into the league’s first division. The banners with the team colors, pink and black, were placed during the festive game days.