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Sunday Slow Bakers: Grappa-soaked Mini Sponge Cakes

We’re baking our way through Gina’s wonderful book and this week’s recipe is on page 80.

As usual I had to make a couple of adjustments to the recipe. I didn’t have mini bundt pans so I used a large bundt pan. I knew I didn't have grappa in the liquor cabinet and didn't want to buy a bottle because no one drinks it at my house so I looked for a good substitute. I had limoncello, orangecello, Grand Marnier and Kahlua. I considered the first three for a few minutes but somehow decided against using any of them and proceeded to make a syrup of one part almond extract and two parts Bacardi rum.

So, mine was an Almond Rum-Soaked Sponge Cake. I sprinkled powered sugar on top and added some sliced almond for looks.

Loved the cake, the texture and the almond flavor. Since I didn’t use the mini pans, mine wasn't completely soaked in the syrup. I did save a bit of the syrup to drizzle on top of the first few slices. I'll make this cake again and will probably use limoncello or Grand Marnier.


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I am not a grappa lover either. When reading the recipe when I got my book, I also thought about using rum instead. Glad to know it worked. Your little rum cakes look deelish!!

I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one on ST that doesn't like grappa. I think that rum was a good substitute and the almond extract gave it a nice delicate flavor.


I'm not a grappa drinker either; for other recipes that call for grappa, I've subbed brandy (I'm not a brandy drinker either but have that in the house for other recipes. ;D)


Not a grappa lover either, but we did have that bottle. I liked your picture; the almond slices were a nice touch.

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