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It was November, and it was cold and drizzly but Sorrento was still a marvelous place.

A monument at the Circumvesuviana train station to Giambattista de Curtis, the lyricist of "Torna a Surriento". His brother, Ernesto, wrote the music.


The park in the city center where a beautiful view of Capri and Naples can be enjoyed when the weather cooperates.


Marina Piccola, point of departure to Naples and Capri.


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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Beautiful photos Maria. I love Capri! I really want to visit there again.

Maria, are you in Sorrento now? You should go wave at us on the webcam!

Oh, never mind! I just saw the first sentence. DUH! It isn't November is it? :::blushing:::

Kathy: I've been to Capri once and would also love to go back again.

Deborah: I wish I were in Sorrento! I want to go back in late summer and when I do I'll be sure to find the webcam.

Oh I really enjoyed reading that and I love the pictures!


Marìa, such gorgeous photos! I thought Sorrento was very beautiful. Did you happen to visit the Correale Museum (I think that's the name)? We stumbled upon it quite unexpectedly and found it very interesting.

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