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Street Musicians in Florence

I can almost hear the music this very enthusiastic quartet is playing...


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What a fun photo!! They look like they are having a fabulous time.


I love the buskers in Florence -- there always seem to be some around there, yet I don't see nearly as many (or as talented) in other Italian cities.

Girasoli: They were very talented and fun to watch.

Sandra: You taught me a new word today: buskers. Never heard it before and had to look it up in the dictionary. To my surprise, buskers has its origins in the Spanish and Italian language, from buscare. I think I'll start using this word instead of the much longer 'street performers'.

Great picture. It looks like the bass player is dancing with his instrument.
And I didn't know that a busker was either.

You can't help but smile when you look at these guys! I can just imagine what the music sounds like (wish I was there right now!).

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