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Sunset on the Island of Elba

One of my favorite pictures from my Elba album.


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What a gorgeous shot!!! The whole album is wonderful. I had already wanted to visit Elba someday, and now even more so!

Just doing some lunch time reading. Beautiful photo!

Elba is a place I have always wanted to visit. The difficulty with transportation has always kept me away. I have not given up on Elba though, just put it on the backburner for now.

That is such a beautiful photo! I love the way those rocks look.

Anne: I hope you get to visit Elba. It's crowded in the summer but October is really nice and not crowded at all.

Leslie: Thanks!

Girasoli: Transportation on the island is a bit of a challenge if traveling in off season because of the reduced bus service but in the summer it shouldn't present a problem. We were there in October and rented a car for flexibility. Most of the visitors we saw were Swiss.

Annie: Thanks! I also like the way the rocks look and how you can almost 'hear' the water hitting the rocks.

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