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The hibiscuses in my garden

Hibiscus is not a plant one associates with the desert but it is a plant found in most nurseries in Phoenix, alongside the cacti. I've seen different species with beautiful red, white, pink and orange flowers but the best one for our climate is the red hibiscus.

These photos of my "Brilliant" (aka San Diego Red) hibiscuses were taken this morning. Last year we planted eight bushes around the perimeter of our backyard and two, that have been trained as trees, in our courtyard. The blooms only last one day but the plant produces flowers year round. I expect an abundance of flowers this summer. I love the hibiscuses because they remind me of the tropical island that I call home, Puerto Rico. On the island they are called Amapola.

(note: since English is not my mother tongue, before writing this entry, I looked up the plural of hibiscus. Most dictionaries have hibiscuses as the plural but I found other references stating that the noun is invariable. I hope I have not erred in choosing hibiscuses for the plural but if I did, please let me know.)




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Maria, these Hibiscuses are beautiful! They are my absolutely favorite flower.

And your English is also beautiful!


What stunning flowers! I don't think I have ever seen Hibiscuses before so thanks for posting these photos. How fantastic to have such a splash of colour in your garden!

Sounds good to me although I am definitely not a grammar expert. I would have never known that English was not your first language by your writing.

I love hibiscus flowers. Did you that the yellow one, called the Hibiscus brackenridgei" is the state flower here? We have them all over our school. The only bad thing about them is that ants hang out on them. Sometimes kids pick them for the teachers and if you don't watch out, ants will be crawling all over.

Nice photos :)

How beautiful!

And I agree, I'd never know that English wasn't your first language. Do you visit Puerto Rico often? I was there briefly for one day (got off a cruise ship) and really loved it - it's a place I'd like to visit again someday.

Hibiscus grow in NC too but I don't think they winter over. I went to a friend's house one time and he made tea out of the blossoms.


Maria, those are spectacular! And hibiscuses sounds good to me, too.


See and I would have thought it would be hibiscii - doesn't matter, great photos.

Donna and Anne: Thanks! Hibiscuses were my Dad's favorite flowers and he planted them in every color. He passed away two years ago and having these flowers in my garden remind me of him every day.

Girasoli: Yellow hibiscuses are beautiful. I've never seen ants in our flowers but understand why they like to hang on them. There's a sweet substance in the pistil.

Annie: I don't visit P.R. as much as I'd like but try to go every two years. When you were there, did you get to see Old San Juan? It is so unique and beautiful with the old forts and the blue cobblestone streets. I'll have to look for photos of my last trip to do a blog entry on the old part of the capital. My friends from Mexico and Central America make a beverage from dry hibiscuses and they call it Jamaica.

Kim: Hibiscii sounds like the plural in Italian or Latin. :-)

Hi Maria,

Yes, the brief time we were in PR was all in Old San Juan. I loved it and look forward to your blog entry about it. Thanks!


i was also looking for the plural of hibiscus. i looked in oxford dictionary. It is hihiscus for the plural. But 'hibiscuses' also sound good. For your info, hibiscus is our national's flower, malaysia.

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