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Peruvian Food: Aji de Gallina


I ate this wonderful dish in Atlanta made by a lovely Peruvian woman named Elza. It is an awesome chicken dish in a spicy, nutty creamy sauce. The color and the heat comes from a yellow Peruvian chile, ají amarillo. There are many recipes found on the Web but I liked this one in particular. There are also a couple of recipes in the Food Forum at Slowtalk. This is a perfect autumn dish but I couldn't resist eating it on a hot Atlanta day.


Heat in a jar.


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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, that chicken dish looks so good. It almost looks like a curry. I checked out that link you posted and the recipes seems pretty good. And now I have a craving for some Peruvian food.

California is so diverse I bet I'd find a store that sells that Hot Pepper or heat in a bottle somewhere.

Thanks for the great read and for sharing!


Maria, I just found your blog. Your photos are beautiful! I suspect you use more than a regular digital.

Have you been to Peru?

Kathy: Yes, it does look like a curry and Elza told me that I could add a bit of turmeric if the dish wasn't yellow enough. The aji amarillo can be found in some of the larger Hispanic grocery stores. I bought mine in a big Asian market near where I live.

Jane: Thank you for stopping by! The camera I use is a Canon Power Shot and I think it is just a regular digital camera. Many of the photos I've posted were taken with an older Fuji digital and some photos are pre-digital. I haven't been to Peru but hoping to go in the near future. My best friend is from Ecuador and she's been talking me into visiting her country and Peru. My husband wants to go to the Galapagos. We're currently planning a Fall trip to either Turkey and Greece or Argentina and Uruguay. No Italy for me this year. :-(

Yum! I love spicy food. And I'm going to look around for those peppers too. I don't think I've ever had spicy yellow ones, only red and green.

I have a Canon Power Shot too. I've been very happy with it plus it's the perfect size for travel.

Annie: I never had yellow peppers until I ate the aji de gallina. On Saturday I had potatoes with a yellow pepper sauce and it was delicious. Peruvian food is very tasty and HOT!
I like my Canon so much and it's so compact that it's always in my purse.

Alexandra Maedgen:

Peuvian food is AMAZING. My favorite is called Lomo Saltado but this is close to the top. I have been to Peru twice and married a Peruvian American from Iquitos whose whole family is here. A lot of Peruvian is is not spicy but is served with aji peppers. I prefer to leave them out. =) I am learning how to make various Peruvian dishes now. Try ceviche if you haven't. It's really good and different from almost anything you will ever taste. Also, try Chifa. It is the Peruvian version of Chinese food. Very very good.
Good luck and try everything you can. It's all GREAT.

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