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PhotoHunt: bad hair

Bad (flying) hair of a participant of the historical parade during a jousting tournament in Foligno, Umbria.


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What a great shot! Have a good weekend!


I like the photo that you picked for bad hair!

Mine's up...come on over!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Is that his hair flying back? I thought at first it was feathers in his cap. It actually doesn't look too bad.

Great shot! How wonderful to see a parade in Italy!

Missed you this week - figured you were traveling home. Hope all is well!

Great catch hehe

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Great photo! Good thing he had a hat on.

This is a cool looking parade. I love the costumes!

he's definitely having a bad hair day! =)

Great photo! Was it windy or is that just the way he styled it with hairspray?

Annie: It was a wonderful parade with horses, music and "royalty". I came home on Monday and have been very busy with housework, kids and friends. I missed everyone and also missed reading my favorite blogs and will catch up with everyone soon.

Kathy: The costumes were beautiful but they all must have been a bit miserable in the September midday heat.

Girasoli: It wasn't windy. My impression, when I first saw this picture, was that the guy was moving his head sideways to the beat of the drum and his thin hair followed his head movement. But... it could also be that he styled it that way. It's been 7 years since I took this picture and my memory is rather fuzzy.

Good photo - what a great festival to watch! :)


Very cool that you got to watch this parade. Thanks for posting this fun photo!

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