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I was terrified and astonished when I saw this drum line high up in the air in a public square -- Piazza del Popolo -- in Rome. With no safety net, these seven drummers and an acrobat on a trapeze were suspended in the air over the crowd in the piazza by a crane. It looked like a human mobile!

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Wow-that's interesting and scary at the same time!

Wow, what an amazing thing to see out of the clear blue! Heights make my stomach churn a bit, so I'd never like to do it but I sure would love to see it done.

Great post! Have a wonderful weekend.


Wow!! That is scary!! That is something I will never do.

Oh my goodness! I would love to have seen YOUR expressions while shooting this! That would make my stomach flip just to watch. :D

Oh wow! Was this part of a festival or something? Wow.

How scary and brave (or maybe stupid) of those hanging from the crane. Great photos!! I'm sure that is one memory that will always stay with you.

(check back to my photohunt again if you get a chance - I added more photos)

That must have been terrifying!


Nice to see photos and information from somewhere relatively close (I'm in Costa Rica right now). Amazing part of the world -- thanks for sharing.



Um, crikey! And... eeek!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Yikes! It really does look like a mobile. And on top of that they had to beat down on a drum . . .

That's pretty amazing.

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