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Puerto Rico: El Yunque Tropical Rain Forest

The Taíno indians were the original inhabitants of Puerto Rico and considered the forest a holy place where the gods lived in the peaks of the mountains. This lush rain forest got its name from a Taíno spirit, Yuquiye, which means Forest of Clouds. El Yunque is home to tree-sized ferns, giant leaves and streams cascading into marvelous pools. The average temperature is 73F and rainfall is about 240 inches per year.

I have fond childhood memories of spending a week with my parents and three brothers in a cabin in El Yunque, hiking the trails and bathing in the cool cascade waters.









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Wow, that looks so much like Hawaii!

Glad you are ok...I was a little worried after you hadn't posted for a few days.

Oh your photographs are wonderful!


Wow, what a stunning place! How fabulous to have spent a week here with your family. I love those kinds of memories.

It certainly looks like a holy place to me...it's so beautiful! Thanks so much for all these excellent photos.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, awesome photos! It's so lush and green and with the heat wave we're having in Southern CA, the water photos look so cool and inviting . . .

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