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Sunday Slow Bakers: Fragole al vino con ricotta e pepe

Another Sunday, another recipe from Dolce Italiano. Today’s dessert is Strawberries in Chianti with Black Pepper Ricotta Cream. This is an amazing summer dessert, perfect when strawberries are at their peak. I loved the fact that there was no baking and no sweating in the kitchen on a hot summer day. And I also liked the simplicity of the recipe: 6 ingredients, 2 bowls.


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I agree Maria - I think it was our favbourite to date. I loved the way the flavours came together.

Oh look at that! How lovely! :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, that looks so good. I have her book also, so maybe I'll try it. Simple is good for someone like me.

It does look like a perfect summer desert.

Jerry: I love the flavors and the texture of the ricotta cream. I think I'll experiment using this cream with other berries.

Leslie: A dessert for you to try later, like in December.

Kathy: It is extremely simple to do. I put mine in the freezer for a few minutes because I like this type of desserts very very cold.

I love how you photographed it with all those nice cookbooks in the background! It looks delicious.

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