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Tablao Flamenco in Seville

Kathy, a blogger friend from Slowtrav, is planning her first trip to beautiful Spain. She and I were recently talking about her upcoming trip and she asked me when was my last visit to Spain. It was in May, 1981. On that trip my husband, son and I went to Seville and watched a Flamenco show in a tablao (a Flamenco bar/club). I remembered I had taken a few pictures of the show and mentioned to Kathy how excited my 2 year old son was to be watching this electrifying show. I wanted to recommend to Kathy this tablao in Seville and went looking for the pictures hoping to find a clue of its location or name. To my surprise I found the name of the club in the pictures and found out their website. The club is called Los Gallos, located right in the heart of the barrio Santa Cruz.

I scanned four photos of our visit to Los Gallos. The poor quality of the photos are due to their age and to a cheap 35mm camera.





I found this video of a show at El Gallo with a fabulous "bailaor" (male dancer). The stage hasn't changed much in 27 years.

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Oh that looks like so much fun!! I must show this post to my mom, she was in Spain in April and loved it.


Hi Maria, my iPhone notify worked and I got your comments.

I took a look at your blog and even on my lttle screen I can see the wonderful costumes. And your son at only two is just too cute. What a wonderful family memory.

Thank you so much for finding the photos and the name of theatre house. I'llhave to add their name to my planning page.

This is so awesome! I'm really excited!

Thanks again Maria. I loved this post and can't wait to see it on a bigger screen at home tonight.

Have a great 4th of July!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I just got home and read your post again. I am so appreciative that you took the time to look through your photos. And I am so happy to see them. I just love the happy expression on your son's face. That must have been so cute to see him dancing up near the stage like that.

I couldn't see the video on my iphone so I had to wait until I got home. You're right, the stage hasn't changed much since 1981 and the male dancer is fantastic. But it sure looks like a great intimate venue. I just bookmarked Los Galos. What a great coincidence that I have plans on renting an apartment in the Santa Cruz.

I was already excited to see Spain but now I am really over the top excited!

Maria, thank you so, so much for taking the time to finding and sharing these great family photos and for researching the theatre house. And especially for posting all the information on your blog. I can see why you spent so many family vacations in Spain. It seems like a wonderful country.

Anne: The show was a lot of fun and my son enjoyed it as much, or more, than we did. I’m happy to hear that your mom loved Spain. The country is beautiful, the people friendly and the food is amazing.

Kathy: I’m excited that you are excited. ;-)

I think Los Gallos is a great place to see a Flamenco show. According to their website, the show lasts two hours and the first show is at 8:00pm and the second at 10:30pm. I think it is a good idea to buy the ticket in advance. If we go to Spain this fall it will be around October 18 and returning on November 8. I just checked your itinerary and we might be crossing paths in the air. It would have been so much fun to meet you in España!

Thank you for your comments about my pictures. I wish I could share more pictures of our travels in Spain but they are on slides and with the passing of time the colors have faded and they look very, very old.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I have Los Gallos booked marked and will add it to my Spain planning page tonight.

Today as I was reading your blog, I was thinking about your pending travel decision and actually wondered if you did choose Spain was there a small chance we would be in the same place at the same time?

My plans are to fly into Madrid and out Malaga. If I am in the near vicinity (or even in the next town over), I would really love to meet up with you!

I'm going solo again this year because my friend who wanted to join me on this trip can't get away from work afterall, so I'm pretty flexible.

I'll make sure to check your blog for any travel updates on your decision and plans just in case there's a chance our paths will somehow meet. I'll also keep updating my Spain Travel page.

Thanks so much for the tips on the show times and the advanced purchase recommendation. This is so helpful.

Oh, I love the photo of your son! You were very brave to travel with a toddler, but what a great experience for him.

I've seen Flamenco once - it was actually at my high school here in NC when a touring group of dancers from Spain came through. It was so wonderful - I'd love to see it again sometime.

And I think the scanned photos look good considering they were taken in 1981!

Kathy, I have your travel dates and your itinerary and I’ll keep it mind as I develop my itinerary. Let's keep in touch!

Annie, My premature grey hair is the result of traveling when my kids were toddlers. ;-)
Have you checked if there are any Flamenco shows nearby where you live? I saw one recently in Phoenix and in Tampa, back in 1984. I cringe a bit when I see these scanned photos and compared them to the digital ones but I guess part of the beauty of these pictures is the 'antique' look.

Very cool photos! I like the antique look.

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