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Capri dreaming

I'm hesitant to post scanned images of our pre-digital trips but today I heard Capri calling my name and had to look at the photographs from our 1999 trip to the island.

The Piazzetta

The bell tower

The Faraglioni, three rock columns or stacks, each one with a name: Stella, Mezzo and Scopolo.

Waiting to go inside the Grotta Azzurra

The entrance to the famous grotto

The photograph that I have of the inside of the Grotta Azzurra is awful but I found this fabulous image at Wikipedia Commons.

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Oh my!! Now that was worth getting up for. I love your photos. :)

Minus one here today.

I also loved the photos. I have wondered if I will need to revisit all the places I have been to in Italy before I had my digital camera (not a bad thought really) but I still love my photos from those trips even if they don't come out as sharp/clear as digital photos do. AND it is pretty difficult to recreate some moments.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I'm so glad you went ahead and scanned these photos. I love Carpi! Your photos is also making me remember my unforgettable trip there.

I loved the boat ride to the Grotto with the beautiful views of the cliffs. And I especially thought the transfer to the small boad and the "head duck" was fun too! :) It was so blue!

Thanks for the flashback down memory lane for me too!

I love looking at all your photos, scanned in or not. Love that bell tower.

Leslie: Stay warm!

Girasoli: I have also thought about revisiting some of the places I've been to in Italy on our pre-digital trips, but as you say, there are memories from those trips that cannot be recreated. On my many travels to Italy my favorite trip is the one I shared with my son. The photos are not that great but we had a fabulous time. If we'd do it again it would be a very different experience.

Kathy: So glad to hear that my post brought back wonderful memories of Capri. I'm an islander through and through and I just loved Capri. We were there in the month of March and it was very quiet. We enjoyed being with the locals and eating in almost empty restaurants. I also enjoyed the boat ride to the grotto and like you, I marveled at how blue the water was.

Annie: Thank you. I cringe when I see the not-so-clear image produced by the scanner but I guess those images represent an era, like the black and white photos of yesteryear.

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