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Meet Tuxedo


He was adopted by my daughter Polaris when he was eight weeks old and when my son Pablo moved out of the house in 2000 he took Tuxedo with him. Today Tuxedo is about 10 years old, and he went to the clinic yesterday morning because he wasn't feeling well. I took this photo when I went to visit him at the clinic later in the day, and Polaris is holding Tuxedo's head up because he was a little too medicated to pose for the camera. I hope he gets well soon - having a sick grand-kitty is no fun.

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Oh, bless his heart. He has such a sweet face. I've grown very fond of Tuxedo kitties recently.:) Best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery for him.

Awwww! My Trixie is a tuxedo too! :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I'm so sorry that Tuxedo isn't feeling well. He has such a sweet face, it makes me sad knowing that he's not feeling well.

I hope he starts to feel better soon.

Thank you all for your kind words and concern about Tux. He's back home and my son reports that he slept all night. He probably didn't sleep at all at the clinic and seems to be very tired. Lab results should come in today.

I have a tuxedo kitty too!


Oh, he's beautiful. I hope he is ok now?

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