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PhotoHunt: pointed

This is my small collection of Italian Pinocchio puppets with pointed noses and pointed hats.




... and here's one my brother and I one found in Rome.


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What a unique collection to be treaured!


Good choice for this week's theme! Don't think I've ever known anyone who collected these puppets, but I can see why you'd want to...

What a cool thing to collect! It's neat how unique they all are yet you can still tell who it is. Have a great weekend!

Oh that brings back memories! When Giancarlo was 4, 16 years ago, and we were in Italy for 3 months, we went to the theme park and then we bought Giancarlo a huge Pinocchio.
He carted it all round Italy and it was here in the house until about a year ago. Now it lives with one of my ex students. :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, very good choice for your theme photo! Have to agree with Annie, each are quite unique. Cute too! That is a great photo of that life size Pinocchio and your brother.

Love your choice on the theme for the week! I took a Pinocchio photo while in Iseo.

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