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Remember the lira?

Among the photographs of our trip to Italy in 1999 I found a crisp 1000 lire banknote. I stared at it with nostalgia, remembering those pre-euro trips with a favorable exchange rate.


I also came across a receipt from 'Da Gemma', a wonderful restaurant in Capri with a lovely view and a fabulous antipasto buffet. I have the habit of saving all kind of receipts from our travels and I particularly liked this one because it looked more like an official document than a receipt and it also had the detailed story of the restaurant.

Our lunch consisted of one antipasto misto from the buffet, one pizza alla marinara, one spaghetti Gemma (with seafood), a bottle of wine and a half bottle of mineral water, one coffee and one dessert. The total with coperto and servizio was 61,525 lire equivalent to about $35.00.


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I recently came across the lira notes I saved. Those were the days!

I also save all my restaurant receipts. That receipt is so cool! Definitely very official.

I remember it well. :)

Great entry! I save tickets and receipts too and hadn't thought about scanning them in; I might have to borrow your idea.

Happy Friday!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Maria, I remember the lira on my very first trip to Europe on a Group tour. That's great that you saved it as a souvenir. I should have kept mine too. That is one very cool looking restaurant receipt. "Da Gemma" . . . I'm going to have to write that one down!

Wow, if a meal in a fantastic restaurant like that would cost $35 today, I would be one happy traveler!

In 2009 I was thinking of SML and Portofino but Capri and Positano is inching their way up again. Italy just has too many great places to visit, it's so hard to choose.

Thanks for this great post. I loved it!

Hi Maria, I made the blackberry sherbet this afternoon; I haven't tasted it yet but it's the most beautiful purple color! Hope you have a great weekend!

Girasoli: I miss the lira days and the lira exchange rate. Plus the banknotes were so much prettier than the euro bills.

Annie: I scanned a few more receipts and will do a blog post about them later next week. I'd love to see a blog post with your receipts!
I'm making the sherbet this weekend and will report back. I'm expecting to see a very dark, wonderful blue sherbet.

Kathy: Da Gemma has a terrace with a gorgeous view of the sea and it is just spectacular. The food is excellent but the service is a bit indifferent but I'm willing to put up with that type of service if I eat well in a beautiful place. I understand how difficult it is to chose where to go next in Italy. So much to see, so little time. Sigh.

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